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Call Center Consulting, Monitoring, and Training services.
Outbound & Inbound Sales and Customer Care Calling; Onshore and
Nearshore contact center options are available.
Comprehensive "call center checkups" and follow-up care.
Contact Center Project and Vendor Management.
Lead Generation and Contact Management Strategy.
Refinement of marketing content and call center scripting.
Integrated marketing and customer interaction tools, including Inbound
and Outbound calling, voice broadcast messaging, IVRs, Internet, social
media, direct mail, and other media.
See what we have done for other companies and organizations...
Resultant Contact Solutions
a premier provider of teleservices and call center expertise
Is your contact center creating the desired business results?
See why we are different by definition
Resultant is dedicated to increasing your
revenue, while reducing your cost to sell
and serve your customers.  

Every day, our call center expertise helps
companies like yours build profitable
long-term relationships with their

Anyone can offer you more ideas.  

We offer the
consulting and training
services that will equip and empower you
to grow your business.  

We can help you get more from your
in-house or outsourced center or place
your business in a premier contact center,
either onshore or nearshore.  

At Resultant, delivering a great return on
your contact center investment is our
measure of success.
Get more from your time and resources
Now is the time to take a hard look at how your business spends its time and
resources, human and financial.  

In this challenging economy, competition for market share is especially
fierce.  Customers' spending habits have changed and their expectations for
quality and value are at an all-time high.  Meanwhile, companies like yours
face tighter marketing, sales, and customer service budgets.

Now is
not the time to stand still and hope that yesterday's contact center
solutions will lead to tomorrow's success.
We will turn your call center into a vital profit center
Resultant Contact Solutions is a premier provider of teleservices and call
center expertise.  Our consulting services and contact center resources will
help you develop your brand and get your message to your target audience
more effectively.  

Our consultative advice, management experience, and relentless execution
will improve your sales results and your level of customer care.  

We are so skilled at driving desired business outcomes that calling us
"consultants" really doesn't do us justice.  

We are
Resultants.  We offer analytics, advice, and assistance with
execution, resulting in lasting change and real ROI.  Your contact center and
your customers will respond to the difference.

Whether the solution involves your in-house team, your current vendors, or
the use of Resultant's own consulting and call center resources, we will turn
your call center into a vital profit center.  

We can place your business in the ideal call center, manage the outsourced
center for you, or develop your staff to improve performance in your own
in-house center.  

Our consulting and training services will improve the calls coming in and out
of your call center, driving revenue and increasing customer loyalty.

We can also help you deploy self-service, chat, and social media solutions
to reduce your costs while maintaining the customer experience that best
reflects your brand.    

By exceeding your customers' service expectations, optimizing sales
opportunities, and reducing your costs, Resultant makes your investment in
our consulting and contact solutions pay big dividends.
Resultant's customized contact solutions can include:
Before you hire a consultant or BPO...
Many businesses outsource their call
center functions and use consulting
services to help them reach new
customers and care for their existing
ones.  They expect their call center
investments to pay dividends...increased
performance and decreased costs.  
Instead, they often get ideas without
execution, strategies without tactics, and
high-concept initiatives that don't improve
their bottom-line.    
Resultant Contact Solutions
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